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Feb 23
best infrared grill

​Loved the juicy sirloin steak from the other day? Want to taste it again but too lazy to go out? Worry not! The infrared grill is out to rescue you from the misery.

Infrared grills have been a huge trend for the last few years. We all have heard about it one way or the other. The worldwide love and craze for steaks, burgers and barbeque items have led to the popularity of this amazing trend. In the USA alone, around 75% households have already made them their family member.

Bring a beautiful and efficient infrared grill to your home as well to prepare the juicy meaty dishes any time! We will see the ten best infrared grills of 2019 here. But before that, let’s get some common knowledge about these grills.


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​Best Overall Grill

​Best Stylish Grill

​Best Budget Grill

​Best Portable Grill

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​​Best High-End Grill

​3 main burners

A dual tube side burner of 18,000 BTU

​Best for Windy Boat Rides

​100% 18-9 marine grade stainless steel .

​Can use ​with both fuels

​Best Overall Grill

​4 Burners

​13,000-BTU side burner

​Best Portable Grill

​Weight of just about 15 pounds
​14,000 BTU

​Best Smokeless Grill

Smoke-less infrared technology

​​Best Patio Grill

​320 square Inch of cooking area

​Best Large Cooking Area Grill

​6 Burners

​74,000 BTU

805 inches cooking area

​Best Compact Grill

​320 square inches of cooking area

​Best Budget Grill

​9500 BTU on main burner

​Best Stylish Grill

​240 square inch ​cooking ​area

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​What is an Infrared grill? Is infrared grill better than gas grill?

​Infrared grills are basically the grills where an infrared element is used instead of the traditional flame.

In typical gas grills, the flame can touch the grates directly and heat them up. In infrared grills, the flame and the grate are separated by an infrared element. Here, the flame first heats up the element, which then in turn radiates its heat to the dish on grills.

The infrared grills have gained popularity because of its cleaner, faster and more energy-sufficient approach to cooking barbeque items.

Before infrared grills became popular, charcoal and gas grills were the primary barbequing choice of many. Such grills rely on the process of convection to heat up the food. The gas flame or burning charcoal keeps heating up the air continuously.

This hot air then rises up and heats up the food. The continuous flow of air may also be excess in amount and cause the food to dry up. Infrared grills solved this problem by making the heat flow adjustable.

best infrared grill

​Pros and Cons of an Infrared Grill & Why should you choose an Infrared Grill

​​Infrared grills have become popular for many reasons. They offer a wide range of solutions to some of the common problems prevalent in earlier griller versions. Below are the main advantages of infrared grills:


  • ​Even heat distribution
    ​These grills make it possible for you to spread out the newly formed heat evenly across all parts of the dish. This prevents it from ending up with unpleasant hot and cold spots.
    Such uniform heat distribution takes place since the heating mechanism is placed below the ceramic tile.
  • ​​Faster ignition
    ​Ever infrared grill comes with an electronic ignition system which starts up the machine faster. As a result, your dish gets done long before the conventional waiting time.
    Besides, the heat radiation used by infrared grills can directly heat up the food. This reduces the preheating time compared to other variations of grills.
  • ​​Energy efficiency
    ​Since food takes lesser time to get cooked with infrared grills, they are more energy efficient than other grilling variations. A faster ignition also proves the higher energy efficiency of these grills.
  • ​High-temperature settings
    ​An infrared grill can reach very high temperatures like 700 degrees in Fahrenheit. You can pick the best temperature option for your dish from the temperature control knob or gauge. This gives grill-lovers the freedom to explore different food items which require high temperatures.
  • Elevated taste and juiciness
    ​These grills are known to lock in the moisture of food and make them a lot more succulent. In addition to increasing their juiciness, the infrared grills also help in elevating the taste of smoky dishes. All nutrients and fluids are captured well inside the food items.

​The advantages of infrared grills are described in the answer above. Like every other form of cooking, these grills also have some disadvantages. Now we will focus on them and list down the cons of these infrared grills:


  • ​Lack of low temperatures
    ​Almost every infrared grill comes with the option of setting the optimum temperature. However, this range of temperature hardly includes the extreme lower end. This lack of low-temperature regulation does not make infrared grills an ideal option for cooking fish and vegetable items.
  • ​Burning or charring food
    ​Since these grills can reach extremely high temperatures, they are more prone to burning and charring the dishes in process. Of course, that can result in unsatisfactory experiences for the guests. Besides, such burned up food can also increase one’s chances of triggering cancer and other harmful health conditions.
  • ​​Rarely portable
    ​Infrared grills are usually made out of heavy metallic parts. As a result, these heavyweight machines hardly have portable qualities. That is why we have included some easily portable options in our list of the best infrared grills.
  • High price points
    Due to the inclusion of sophisticated technology and high configurations, the infrared grills often come at very expensive costs. Compared to other grilling variations, they belong to the highest price points.

​How does an Infrared Grill work?

​An infrared grill works mainly by heating up the dish using a gas or electric element instead of the traditional process of convection.

The element first heats up a solid surface which in turn radiates infrared waves right into the food placed on grates. This process does create a bit of convection since the element ends up heating the grill to some extent. However, it does not create that much dry air.

As a result, more moisture gets locked inside the dish making it delightfully juicy.

​How hot does an infrared grill get?

​The main point behind the huge popularity of infrared grills has been the high temperatures it can reach. While it does lack in providing very low temperatures, an infrared grill excels at ensuring extremely high temperatures for a dish.

As we mentioned earlier, these grills can reach surface temperatures as high as 700 degrees in Fahrenheit or 370 degrees in Celsius within just 7 minutes. There are some infrared grills which even cross this limit and go up to 1400 degrees in Fahrenheit! 

Because of such incredibly high searing temperatures, these grills gift us with home-made succulent tenderloin steaks which you could only find at high-end restaurants before.

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​What does "infrared" mean on a gas grill?

​A gas grill means the machine uses natural gas, propane gas or any other form of gas. Typically, infrared grills and gas grills are considered to be each other’s opponent. However, there are also many infrared grills which can operate on gases.

So an infrared gas grill means that it relies on a gaseous substance as its source of fuel and has an infrared element to heat up the food on grates.

If you are unsure of which fuel to go for, we have listed down some infrared grills which can run on both propane and natural gas. You would just need a compatible conversion kit. Such kits can be sold separately or can be part of the product package.

​Are Infrared grills safe? Is infrared grilling healthier?

​Many consumers have concern over the fact that infrared grills use the same electromagnetic (EM) energy of microwave oven but in a different atmosphere. The EM energy has been often linked to cancer. On the other hand, infrared is a kind of light energy that does not fall into our visible spectrum. Despite all these concerns, the truth is that infrared grills are completely safe to use.

EM energy can trigger cancer only when radiated at a high power. Infrared grills are never operated at those high voltages and thus are not harmful to human health.

However, burning or charring food can present a cancer risk. That is why you always need to keep an eye on the dish while grilling since the infrared grills can reach searing temperatures easily.

best infrared grill 2

​Things to Remember While Cooking on an Infrared Grill

​If it is your first time on an infrared grill, there are some precautions you should take. There are also a few rules you may follow to have safer and more efficient cooking experience.

  • ​This grill reaches extremely high temperatures within minutes. As a result, the food item can get brown before being cooked enough. So you need to keep an eye on the dish to make sure it cooks all the way through.
  • Such cooking equipment usually aims at preparing thick meat items. You can also try cooking fish and vegetable meals on these grills, but they will require much more sophisticated techniques to avoid complete burn-outs.
  • It takes time to adopt the techniques required for a perfect grilled meal. You will probably not be able to ace it on the first try. Don’t let that stop you from trying something new! Get some insight into the nits and grits of grilling.
  • You must pay attention to the grilling at all times. Diverting attention somewhere else even for a minute can hamper your dish.
  • Always pre-heat the grill at high temperature for 2-3 minutes. This will ensure that your dish will be cooked thoroughly with uniformly distributed heat as soon as you place it on the grates.
  • Sear the food on every side for 2-3 minutes so that the outer layers are charred properly. This will help to keep the moisture inside.
  • After an ample amount of charring on all sides, reduce the grill temperature. Then cook the dish for some more time and flip it every 2-3 minutes.
  • Keep the hood open throughout the cooking process as the grill only heats up the dish, not the air.
  • After being done with grilling, leave the dish for 3-5 minutes to bring the inner and outer temperatures at the same level.

​How to Clean Infrared Grills?

​It is usually easy to clean up the infrared grills. The high heat tends to burn out much of the food residue. Although very few of them are dishwasher safe, many models with drip pan or grease pan catch all the unwanted residue. As a result, cleaning up after cooking becomes a lot more effortless and stress-free.

​Things to Consider Before Buying The Infrared Grill

​Before you delve into the large online marketplace of excellent infrared grills or visit the local cookware store, go through the main consideration points of choosing your infrared grill:

#1 - What Type of ​Infrared Grill Would You Be Using?

​The main categories of infrared grills include ceramic plates, glass panels and steel tubes.

The first type of grills get extremely hot and thus can sear your food efficiently. However, they are not good for slower cooking which requires lower temperature ranges.

The glass panels can support both kinds of cooking but are very rare to come across. 

Steel tube burners are the most common infrared grills. They can cater to both high temperatures and low temperatures. The only drawback is that they can’t reach the incredibly high temperatures like ceramic or glass grills.

#2 - ​Temperature Ranges

​The best infrared grills in market gained customer popularity by offering a wide range of temperatures. Sometimes their temperatures reach as high as 1000 degrees, while other times it can get much lower. So pick a grill that can cater to both high and low ranges.

#3 - ​Dedicated or Multipurpose

​Some grills are meant only for infrared cooking. If you intend to use grills only for such cooking then you can definitely invest in these specialized grills.

On the other hand, if you want the best of both worlds where one grill can be used for either gas or infrared cooking, there are many other grills to choose from. Such dual-purpose grills usually come equipped with both infrared burners and gas burners.

Others have a special plate which you can insert to convert traditional grilling to infrared grilling.

​#4 - ​Budget

​The cheapest grills are priced at around $100. To get a decent grill, you will have to pay somewhere between $200 to $500. The most powerful high-end infrared grills cost more than $1000. Fix your budget carefully before jumping onto the grill options.

​#5 - ​Indoor or Outdoor

​There are enough good infrared grill options for both indoor and outdoor uses. The latter is more popular since barbeque parties are a huge favorite among people worldwide. Some of them are even portable and come with carrying cases.

The indoor grills are much lighter and more compact in size. They also tend to produce a lot less smoke to avoid filling up the rooms with an unpleasant foggy smell.

​Top 10 Infrared Grills in the Market

​There are many ​infrared grills out there to choose from and ​without a guide, the choice can get overwhelming. For your convenience, we have chosen the top ​infrared grills out there for you to buy

​Our first pick comes from the reputed manufacturer of modern technology grills - Saber. This company has stood against the test of time throughout its long journey spanning over a century. Since its inception in 1885, this family-owned business has been focused on providing its consumers with industry-standard pieces of equipment for outdoor cooking purposes.

​One of these pieces is this infrared grill of model R50SC0017 which comes with three burners. This premium grill is built to provide superior performance for its customers. It is built with the high-quality 304 stainless steel which will keep the grills away from corrosion. As a result, you will get to use it for a long time without running into rust or other similar issues.

This Saber grill has the unique cooking system of its brand which prevents any flare-up during use. It will lock in the natural moisture of food and erase any chance of ending up with charred food.
It also reduces propane consumption to 30%. This helps your loved ones to breathe easily at home and around the house by keeping the air clean. If you don’t prefer propane as the fuel, you can convert this grill into a natural gas one by using a Saber EZNG conversion kit.

The electronic ignition system in this infrared grill by Saber makes it possible for you to light up safely every time. All its three burners include an electrode of their own. They also have a carryover tube so that the system starts easily and consistently whenever you need to grill.

Along with the three main burners, you will also get a dual tube side burner of 18,000 BTU. For all you cooking enthusiasts out there, the four burners will give you enough artistic freedom to explore your culinary talent. Use the fourth burner with woks, pots and skillets to prepare sauces and side dishes.

If you are planning for a barbeque party at night, just turn on the two halogen lights on its interior. There are temperature gauges at grate-level which you can read easily. To enhance its conveniences for you, this product also has a warming rack where you can keep the cooked items. It can also be used to roast food. After use, put it back into storage position by rotating the rack.



  • ​Premium 304 stainless steel build-up.
  • 18,000 BTU dual tube side burner with two internal halogen lights.
  • 30% lower propane consumption and no flare-ups.
  • Multi-position warming rack and grate-level temp gauges
  • ​30-minute setup
  • Very expensive
  • Very heavyweight

​The second choice on our list is another globally renowned cookware brand - Maga Products. For more than 40 years, Magma Products have been developing a versatile range of cooking instruments. Their grills are among the most sought-after ones of these products.
That is why their gourmet series gas grill now comes with a brand new modified design. The edges have been rounded to prevent any mishaps while cooking. Its whole body is constructed with 100% 18-9 marine grade stainless steel with mirror polish finishing.

​This enhances the stylish appearance of the grill. You can peek through the revamped tempered glass viewing window to see the current status of your dish.

This is an ideal grill to take with you on a day out in the sea. Many customers who have used it on boat journeys have been supremely satisfied with its performance. Such good results have been possible due to its dynamic combustion system.

This redesigned system can now stand against even a 15 mph wind. It stays lit up in such heavy windy atmosphere making each outing a delight for you. Take it anywhere using the fold-away tabletop legs integrated into the structure.

Thanks to its infrared technology which prevents flares and distributes the heat evenly across the dish. As a result, the cooked item becomes more juicy than usual. (Salivating? We are too.) A hermetically sealed thermometer, on the other hand, allows you to manipulate the heat level efficiently.

It will start up fast with a reliable electronic ignition system. You can use it with both fuels -  a disposable propane canister or an onboard CNG/LPG system. While the grill is mainly made for propane use, it can also adapt to CNG or LPG fuels. It needs one AAA battery to operate which is included in the package.



  • ​100% 18-9 marine grade stainless steel.
  • Dynamic combustion system.
  • Tempered glass window and hermetically sealed thermometer.
  • Locking front grease tray and convertible fuel
  • ​High price
  • No burner BTU rating

​Char-Broil is a very popular name among the grill-lovers. It has been in business since 1948 and has made quite the fan-base with a versatile cookware range. This grill is no different! Grills are something they specialize in, which is why there are multiple serieses of grills under their brand. Our pick belongs to the Signature series.

​This Signature series aims to please the grill-enthusiasts who prefer cooking with mid-sized grills. It can cook for your whole family at a time. You may also call it a master griller. So if you have any family event coming up very soon, you know exactly what to prepare.

This premium grill also comes with a shiny exterior helps to enhance the beauty of your kitchen. Its entire body is made of 443 stainless steel. As a result, you can use this grill for a long time. The four burners on top are also made of stainless steel for high durability.

Use the four burners to set the perfect temperature for your dish. Take help from the 13,000-BTU side burner to prepare some mouth-watering side dishes and sauces. If you don't need the side burner, use its fold-down cover as an extra surface to work with.

The main area of cooking on this machine traverses over a surface of 525 square inches.  It is made of cast iron grates and this whole area is coated with porcelain. These grates come with the TRU-Infrared technology to distribute the heat evenly across the top portion. By functioning as a wall between the flames and the dish, it prevents flare-ups efficiently. Thus, you end up with more delicious food every time!

Start the grill fast with its Surefire electronic ignition system. Pushing a button will light up each burner in a blink. Keep the cooked dishes on the swing-away warming rack spread over 200 square inches and coated with porcelain. The firebox stand and steel lid also have a coating of durable porcelain. So this whole grilled can stand against rough weather any day.

Propane or natural gas - this grill can work with both! It has a conversion kit that efficiently converts liquid propane to natural gas. As a result, you don't have to worry about which fuel to go with anymore. Read or monitor temperatures like a pro with its lid mounted temperature gauge



  • ​Four stainless steel burners with 13,000-BTU lidded side burner
  • Surefire electronic ignition
  • Porcelain-coated cast iron grates
  • Dual fuel compatible
  • ​Expensive
  • Heavyweight

Solaire has a remarkable history of being found at the hands of a Danish blacksmith in 1907. Despite being an immigrant, he made quite the name for himself and his brand creating a rich legacy for his descendants. The inspiring story continues even now and progresses a step further with each new product of the Solaire cookware collection.

Unlike most of its competitors, this Solaire grill comes with a handy weight of just about 15 pounds. It is one of the lightest infrared grills available in the market. As a result, it is very easy to carry around and use during large family gatherings outdoors. You can carry it to the boats, balconies, RVs, tailgaters and backyards.

Its body is made of real infrared ceramic and fully welded 304 stainless steel. So you can rely on its durability and keep using it for years to come. The main grilling surface has an area of 14x10 square inches, which means you can prepare about 6 regular burgers on it at the same time!

This grill gets its strength from 14,000 BTUs of infrared power. The burners manage to heat up to the maximum within just three minutes. Then it starts the mission of keeping the food moisture locked inside and make each bite much more delectable for you.

Besides, you can also stay safe from any flare-ups since infrared technology prevents them. 

It runs on a AAA battery which is provided with the grill. Although the grill primarily runs on propane, you can also use it on natural gas with the conversion kit.



  • ​304 stainless steel structure
  • 14,000 BTU burners
  • Propane or natural gas
  • Portable and affordable
  • ​Faulty lid design
  • 140 sq. in. grilling area

​The worldwide renowned electronics brand Philips also excels in cookware items. Its Avance Collection of cookware line has gained special recognition among the customers for being handy and portable. If you have been struggling with giant grilling items and are just looking for a lightweight grill to carry around easily, this might be it.

​Along with the convenient weight, this indoor grill also has an advanced technology of smoke-less infrared. This takes the goodness of infrared grills further by incorporating special reflectors.

These help to direct the heat towards the grills for increasing the juiciness of foods. It also ensures an even distribution of heat to ensure great textures for the dish.

Don’t worry about the grease either. Just let the large dripping tray placed underneath take all the grease burden. The whole system of this barbeque grill minimizes the amount of both grease and smoke for a pleasant cooking experience.

It also prevents the rooms from getting foggy with grill smoke and helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle by eradicating excess oil.

This grill gets started fast within just a minute. The non-stick ALU grid gives your grills the perfect BBQ marks. Its constant heat helps your dish to reach the ideal BBQ texture.

If you are in the mood to explore your culinary skills, just open up the free recipe book and start grilling! After use, let dishwasher clean up the parts.



  • ​Smoke-less infrared technology
  • Drip tray and non-slip feet
  • Very lightweight and affordable
  • ​Difficult to clean
  • Glare is too bright for eyes

​Another Char-Broil pick on our list of the best infrared grills is this one meant for cooking on patios and balconies. It is much more affordable than most other gas grills with infrared technology. However, the low price point does not mean the quality has been compromised in any way.

​This grill is mainly made of stainless steel for long durability. The silver of steel combined with the black finishing makes for a stylish appearance. The cooking area consists of a 320 square inches surface. That is a large enough area to prepare dishes for a small crowd.

Like most other grills, it comes with the electronic ignition system. So you can light it up within moments and save some precious preparation time. This electronic ignition is part of the gas control knob which helps you to reach the optimum cooking temperature for the best outcome.

The patented TRU-Infrared technology of Char-Broil locks in the juices of your dish and leaves the guests wanting for more. The even heat distribution, on the other hand, prevents forming hot and cold spots on your food.



  • ​Reduced gas consumption
  • 320 sq. in. cooking area
  • Warming rack
  • Affordable
  • ​Heavyweight
  • Igniter may fail to light up

​Napoleon takes pride in being the biggest privately owned company of manufacturing versatile cookware. Infrared grills are often counted among their most popular products and rightfully so.

This particular grill we chose comes with one of the largest cooking surfaces available in the market at present. It traverses over a total area of 805 inches. This means you can prepare about 24 hamburgers on it at the same time! ​Insane!

​You can prepare a wide variety of dishes with this machine. Be it rotisserie meals, seared steaks and roasts or baked desserts and breads - this grill can do it all.

It is built with six burners incorporated within the grill. Four of them are the primary burners which ensure even heat distribution throughout your dish. They are responsible for keeping the juicy goodness of food inside. These ceramic infrared burners also help with forming the perfect crust. The other two burners are the infrared side burner and the rear rotisserie burner.

Bringing the power of 74,000 BTUs together, this grill is one of the strongest grills right now. If you need to use it at night, the i-Glow lights on the back of control knobs will help you see things better. So you can cook peacefully with no possibility of technical mishaps.

Keep all the done dishes on the side shelves. You can also tuck the favorite grilling accessories in its ample storage. These benefits, of course, don't come cheap. This Napolean grill is a little more expensive than most infrared grills



  • ​Stainless steel construction
  • 74,000 BTU and 6 burners
  • 805 inches cooking area
  • i-Glow backlit control knob
  • ​Very expensive
  • Heavyweight

​This gas grill is pretty similar to the number 6 grill on our list. They are both from the Char-Broil brand and share a number of features.

They are primarily patio grills which take up a very small amount of space. This compact footprint makes it an ideal piece for balconies. If you have a small backyard, this grill will also fit there right away. So, you can have all the fun with grilling without compromising your space.

​Like most other grills of Char-Broil, this one also comes with the patented TRU-Infrared technology. Let it ensure even heat distribution on all parts of the dish and turn you into a grilling star among the loved ones.

Pick the most appropriate temperature for your dish with the gas control knob, which also has electronic ignition to start the grill fast. 

It works on propane and has a decent cooking area of 320 square inches. You can clean it easily but may take a long time assembling the parts.



  • ​TRU-Infrared technology
  • ​320 sq. in. cooking area
  • Small footprint
  • Affordable 
  • ​Heavyweight
  • Takes long time to assemble

This is one of the most lightweight infrared grills we have found. It also comes from Char-Broil like our previous pick and thus also have the TRU-Infrared technology.

Thus, it can prevent frequent flare-ups and make your grilling experiences much safer. This technology also enables the grill to allow cooking even in the coldest temperatures. 

​The grilling grate is mainly made of stainless steel to last for a long time. It has a total area of 200 square inches which is much smaller than most grills. But this also makes it possible for the grill to weigh extremely low and be an easily portable option.

To enhance its portability, this machine also comes with a high-impact frame, legs and handles. The large heat-resistant handles with dual Cool-Touch feature make it easy for you to open and close the lids safely. They also help in carrying around the grill.

Although the grates are made of steel, the lid is built of aluminum and the firebox is made of die-cast aluminum. The main burner lights up bright and fast with 9500 BTU and push-button ignition. All these conveniences come at a pretty affordable price allowing the masses to enjoy its bliss.



  • ​Stainless steel grate
  • 9500 BTU on main burner
  • Dual Cool-Touch handles
  • Portable and affordable​
  • ​Very small cooking area
  • Too lightweight construction

​The last but not the least entry on our list of the best infrared grills is another patio bistro grill from Char-Broil.

This one is one of the few grills which come in a number of color variations. Choose the patio grill in black, red or graphite shades - whichever suits your aesthetics the best. 

​It does not depend on gas fuel. You can start cooking on it just by plugging it into a 120-volt outlet. You can cook a decent amount of food with its cooking area of 240 square inches.

The stainless steel grates are rust-resistant and coated with porcelain for higher durability. This is complemented by the convenient warming rack of 80 square inches.  

You can use this grill to prepare a wide range of dishes including steaks and vegetables. The TRU-Infrared technology helps to keep flare-ups away while also making your dish more succulent. Just adjust the control knob to reach the optimum grilling temperature for the dish.



  • ​3 color variations
  • Folding side shelves
  • Storage rack and grease tray
  • Affordable
  • ​Very small cooking area
  • Heavyweight

Our Choice is ...

Best ​Infrared Grill Overall

​The Char-Broil Signature TRU-Infrared 525 4-Burner Cabinet Liquid Propane Gas Grill is the best overall infrared grill for us since it offers the latest technology, four stainless steel burners and many more benefits at a reasonable price point.

​Best Budget Infrared Grill

​If you are running low on budget, invest in the Char-Broil Grill2Go X200 Portable TRU-Infrared Liquid Propane Gas Grill. This light and portable grill comes with many perks like a stainless steel grate, TRU-Infrared technology and dual Cool-Touch handles.


Make your choice from the grills listed above or research online on your own! Then indulge in great juice steaks every weekend with friends and family.

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